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 Duel Arena Point System

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PostSubject: Duel Arena Point System   Tue Jul 31, 2012 6:04 pm

Alright guys, this is how things are going to work. We've got three dorms that use this point system format. Pro League students get paid by the week. Below, is how the students of the three other dorms will be paid for completing duels.

Elemental vs. Staff = 100pts
Elemental vs. Evil = 50pts
Elemental vs. Destiny = 40pts
Elemental vs. Elemental = 30pts

Destiny vs. Staff = 80pts
Destiny vs. Evil = 40pts
Destiny vs. Destiny = 30pts
Destiny vs. Elemental = 20pts

Evil vs. Staff = 50pts
Evil vs. Evil = 30pts
Evil vs. Destiny = 20pts
Evil vs. Elemental = 10pts

This, above, is the Point System Format that all Staff will go by when distributing points. Now go have fun dueling, and show me what you can do! Good Luck!
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Duel Arena Point System

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