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 Our academy wants to have a war with u guys

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PostSubject: Our academy wants to have a war with u guys   Tue Jun 04, 2013 6:48 pm


the link of my academy, and we would like to have a war with you

so yea, the war has simple rules, at least that's what i think

All matches are 2-out-of-3 duels.
Side-Decking is allowed.
Players can challenge any member of the opposing team.

Both teams pair off their players with a player of the opposing team and the players just duel their selected opponents. If the teams cannot arrange random pairing between each other, they may request a Judge to do it for them. The team that accumulates the most wins is declared the winner of the war.

It will be 7 vs.7

if a player plays a duel and wins then he continues to play until he loses

there will be 2 hearts, 1 loss means 1 heart is dead... but if a team has only 1 player left, then he gains 1 heart

you can have substitutes

During the war

Rosters cannot be changed unless both parties agree.
After each match, players must post the results (take screenshots just to be safe).
If a player has to leave during a match, the match may continue at a later date. Until then, neither player can participate in any other match until the said match is completed.
If new cards are released or if game rules are changed, the war continues using the same cardpool or rules that it started with.
If the official Konami Banlist is changed, the war continues with the same Banlist that is started with, where any necessary proxies should be determined.
Deadlines can be extended if both parties agree.
If a ruling dispute arises, look up the ruling and show your opponent what you find.
If a gameplay dispute arises, try to stay calm and explain the situation to your opponent.
If a player disconnects at any point in a duel, a game loss is issued, unless the said player has clear-cut evidence that he/she had an advantage in the duel (field/hand), in which case, a game win is awarded. In the case that there was no screenshot taken of the disconnecting player from either side, its as if the duel never happened and a re-do would be in order.
If a player disconnects during siding, a re-do would be in order. When this occurs, the losing player of the previous duel must immediately admit defeat, and both players will go straight into siding for the next duel.
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Our academy wants to have a war with u guys

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